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  • A person, organization, or other entity (including a computer or computer system), that employs the services provided by a telecommunication system, or by an information processing system, for transfer of information to others. Note: A user functions as a source or final destination of user information, or both. 2. In automated information systems, a person or process accessing an automated information system by direct connections (e. g. , via terminals), or indirect connections (i. e. , prepare input data or receive output that is not reviewed for content or classification by a responsible individual). 3. In COMSEC, an individual who is required to use COMSEC material in the performance of his/her duties, and who is responsible for safeguarding that COMSEC material. See also access originator, automated information system, communications sink, communications source, destination user, originating user, terminal. (Combined Glossary 4. An organizational or programmatic entity that receives service from an information technology facility. A user may be either internal or external to the agency organization responsible for the facility, but normally does not report to the manager or director of the facility or to the same immediate supervisor. (A-130) 5. An individual (person or organization) with direct access to the system or an individual without access who receives output or generates input not reviewed by another. (AFR 205-16; AFR 700-10) 6. Any authorized person, office, or staff agency who may use or receive services or products from a computer system. Synonymous with customer. (AR 380-380) 7. Any person who interacts directly with a computer system. (DOD 5200. 28-STD) 8. A user is an individual and/or processes operating on his/her/its behalf. (DCID 1/1 6, Sup. ) 9. People or processes accessing an AIS either by direct connections (i. e. , via terminals) or indirect connections (i. e. , prepare input data or software or receive output that i