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Zone Of Control/Zoning
  • Zone of control is the three dimensional space surrounding equipment that process national security information within which unauthorized personnel (1) are denied unrestricted access and (2) are either escorted by authorized personnel or are under continuous physical or electronic surveillance. Zoning is a concept in which a defined area within a facility has been approved for the operation of equipment with appropriate TEMPEST Characteristics without emanating classified electromagnetic radiation beyond the controlled space boundary of the facility. The zones are determined by measuring electromagnetic attenuation provided by a building's physical properties and the free space loss to the controlled space boundary. Equipment zone ratings are based on the level of compromising emanations produced by the equipment. (Source -panel of experts) 2. A technique in which a protected building is divided into area: any alarm initiating device can be programmed to signal an identifying code and or indicate on an annunciator the type of problem (fire, flooding, physical penetration, etc). (Source: Information Security: Dictionary of Concepts, Standards and Terms; Longley, Shain, Caelli; Macmillan, 1992)