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Module 4 - Information Assurance Laws and Legislation

Module four may be used in both Information Systems courses, as well as courses in the common body of knowledge, as defined by the American Assembly of Colleges and Schools of Business (AACSB).

This module is intended to be part of a junior or senior level course in an MIS or CS curriculum that covers the management aspects of information systems.

For example, it might be included as a module in the DPMA Model Curriculum for Undergraduate Computer Information Systems courses CIS/86-18 (Information Resource Planning and Management) or CIS/86-14 (Computer Control and Audit). It also could be included as part of MIS or Legal Environment courses.

This section is under construction and will be updated soon with more complete course content.

Topic Outline: Laws And Legislation

  1. I. The Underlying Problem 1 - 2 Hours
    1. Theft Of Hardware And Data
    2. Fraud
    3. Physical Abuse
    4. Misuse Of Information And Privacy Issues
    5. Issues Of Adjudication And Regulation
  2. Laws As Tools For Computer Security 1 - 3 Hours
    1. Privacy Laws And Legislation
    2. Intellectual Property Laws
      1. Trade Secrets Law
      2. Patent Law
      3. Copyright Law
      4. Trademark Law
    3. Federal Laws
    4. State Statutes
    5. DPMA Model Computer Crime Bill
  3. Laws As Legal Options For Control 1 - 4 Hours
    1. License Agreements
    2. Intellectual Property Laws(Trade Secrets, Patents, Copyright And Trademarks)
    3. Employee Non-Disclosure Considerations
    4. Contracts
    5. Warranties For Software And Hardware