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Information Assurance Videos

Media and typeSourceSizeSummary
All Wrapped Up Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 1.85
Discusses how to properly dispose of all used/outdated media.
Al's Database From Protect Your AIS 17.3
Discusses proper methods of disposing of “bad” hard drives. Parody on information theft.
An Unofficial Source Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.86
Parody of illegally obtaining software and using it in a business setting.
Basic User Awareness Federal Aviation Administration >377.0
Discusses power surges, viruses, hackers, threats and vulnerabilities, safeguards and countermeasures.
Bits & Pieces Author unknown 25.7
Parody on ways to steal confidential information, with some real facts on the methods hackers can use to access your records and compromise an organization.
Bloodwork From Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.98
Parody of misuse of company resources.
Bringing Down The House:
The Threat To Information Systems
NSA, FedCIRC, DISA 2.89 mb Threats to government systems and the methods used to gain access to these systems. Contact information for the agencies listed
Caught CIT, University of Buffalo Varies See description on page that loads
Cleaning Time Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.89
Focuses on the importance of keeping confidential information from unclassified personnel. Hints at watching for personnel who may be looking for secure information to sell.
Cleaning up & Josh's got a brand new bag From Protect Your AIS, The Sequel. 3.06
Discusses the importance of destroying media properly that may have contained sensitive information.
Computer Security - The Executive Role U.S. Department of Justice 72 mb What Federal agency system executives should know about protecting their networks.

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