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Information Assurance Videos

Media and typeSourceSizeSummary
Safe Data: Its Your Job U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the CIO, Asst. Secretary for Admin. & Mgmt. 150.8 mb Information presented agencies to assure data is not compromised because of flaws created by personnel.
Safeguarding America's Future NSA Information Systems Security Organization 42.2 mb A tradition of innovation - from native American code-talkers to the Persian Gulf War (1991). ISSO goals and initiatives.
Sam's Password Protect Your AIS 8.26 mb Writing down passwords where others can find it.
Share And Share Alike Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 3.30 mb Ensuring information is saved on the correct servers.
Sharon's Release Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.95 mb Check before giving anyone access to classified information.
Sherman On My Mind Author unknown 90.3 mb "There's no excuse for computer misuse" Unauthorized use of organizational resources are discussed in this clip.
Silver Comes Between Friends Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 1.68 mb Discusses how to properly dispose of all used/outdated media.
Take A Message Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.84 mb Using an answering machine for a business phone.
Tales From Encryption Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 3.17 mb Discussion on having the proper encryption software in order to properly protect confidential information.
TEMPted Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 3.25 mb Ensuring any classified material is secure at all times.

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