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Seminal Works

This section of the site contains papers from previous seminars in information assurance, papers from educators and professionals in the information assurance field, a discussion of Common Criteria tools and methodologies, and a discussion of professional certifications.

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NIATEC Faculty Development

Part of the mission of the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC) is to provide faculty development seminars and courses. In addition to short courses NIATEC has conducted faculty awareness exercises. Below is a combined list of our speaking engagements.

Carnegie Mellon University


NIATEC staff taught portions of the faculty development courses dealing with information assurance curriculum development.

NWCET - National Workforce Center for Emerging Technology

Working Connections conference

American Association of Community Colleges

2002 The NIATEC director presented material at the workshop on The Role of Community Colleges in CyberSecurity education.

Papers from University of California at Davis

Professor Matt Bishop has complied an outstanding collection of the early works in information assurance. It is an excellent tool for teaching students about why we do certain things in securing systems.

Common Criteria

The Common Criteria represents the outcome of a series of efforts to develop criteria for evaluation of IT security that are broadly useful within the international community.

Common Criteria (CC) Toolbox TM

A knowledge-based tool that provides structured interviews to aid PP and ST developers both in identifying pertinent security requirements and in managing the complexity of the requirements definition process. The CC Toolbox was developed to run in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) under Windows on a personal computer


NIATEC and the Informatics Research Institute are developing a partnership with government and industry to develop standards for experiential learning programs and apprenticeships.

NWSEC security conference Spring 2003. Hosted by INEL, ISSA and NIATEC. Find out more about this event at