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Papers from University of California at Davis

Professor Matt Bishop at the University of California Davis has collected the seminal works of the early Information Assurance research. It is an invaluable research and teaching tool.

TitleAuthor (year)Summary
A Provably Secure Operating System Neumann et al. (1975) Summarizes work to date on the development of a design for a general-purpose computing system intended for secure operations
Compter Security Technology Planning Study Anderson (1972) Volume II report of the work of the Computer Security Technology Planning Study Panel. Presents details supporting the recommended development plan
DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria Latham, DoD (1985) The trusted computer system evaluation critieria defined in this document classify systems into four broad hierarchial divisions of enhanced security protection
Jobstream Separator System Design Schacht (1975) Presents a technical and economic assessment of the Jobstream Separator (JSS)
Multics Security Evaluation:Vulnerability Analysis Karger & Schell, USAF (1974) A security evaluation of Multics for potential use as a two-level (Secret/Top Secret) system in the Air Force Data Services Center (AFDSC).
Operating System Structures to Support Security and Reliable Software Linden (1976) To implement security in the design of computer systems, this survey focuses on two system structuring concepts that support security; small protection domains and extended-type objects.
Proposed Technical Evaluation Criteria for Trusted Computer System Nibaldi (1979) This report documents a proposed set of technical evaluation criteria. These criteria and any evaluation process that they might imply represent on approach to how trusted systems might be evaluated.
Protection Analysis Bisbey and Hollingsworth (1976) The primary goal of the project was to make protection evaluation both more effective and more economical by decomposing it into more manageable and methodical subtask...
Secure Computer Systems:Unified Exposition and Multics Interpretation Bell & LaPadula (1976) Presents a unified narrative exposition of the ESD/MITRE computer security model.
Secure Minicomputer Operating System (KSOS) Ford Aerospace (1978) Provides a summary of the progress obtained in Phase I of the KSOS development
The Neglected Aspect of Computer Security Myers (1980) Distinguishes three methods of attacking internal protection mechanisms of computers: inadvertent disclosure, penetration, and subversion