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Older Publications and Texts

Title Source
Firewalls FAQ Revision 8, (1996); Ranum, M.J.
Inside the Mind of Dark Avenger (abridged) (1993); Gordon, S.
IT Baseline Protection Manual: Recommended Measures to Meet Medium-Level Protection Requirements (BSI, 1997); Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, German federal government
RFC 2196: Site Security Handbook (1997); Fraser, B., ed.
RFC 2350: Expectations for Computer Security Incident Response (1998); Brownlee, N. and Guttman, E.
RSA Laboratories's Frequently Asked Questions About Today's Cryptography RSA, 1999
State of the Practice of Intrusion Detection Technologies (CERT-CC, 2000); Allen, J., Christie A., Fithen, W., McHugh, J., Pickel, J., Stoner, E.
Technologically Enabled Crime: Shifting Paradigms for the Year 2000 (1994); Gordon, S.
Virus Writers: The End of Innocence (2000); Gordon, S.