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Module 1 - Introduction to Information Protection

Module one (Introduction to Information Protection) is an introduction to information protection principles and provides basic security concepts for undergraduates and students enrolled in an introductory information systems course. Each major issue presented in this module is detailed further in its own module that can be supplemental to courses throughout a business and information systems curriculum. This module is designed to be used as part of a freshman or sophomore level Management Information Systems course, such as the recommended DPMA course CIS/86-1, (Introduction to Computer Information Systems.)


The two primary objectives of this module are to:

  • Introduce business and non-business majors to basic information security problems; and

  • Identify the primary areas that deal with information security.

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will understand basic information security problems and will be able to identify areas where additional study may be needed.

Following this module, the student would progress to the PC/Workstation Security module or the Security Fundamentals module that lays the foundation for advanced study in systems security.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the need for security in an organization;

  • Identify basic security problems;

  • Understand ethical issues involved with the use of information systems security; and

  • Identify major areas in security management for additional study.


No previous study or lab experience is assumed. The PC/Workstation module may be taken before, concurrently, or following this module.

Topic Outline: Information Protection

  1. Information as a Corporate Resource

    1. Security As Part Of The Total Organization
    2. Understanding The Organization
    3. Identifying Sensitive Data
    4. Controlled Sharing Of Information And Resources
  2. Basic Information Systems Security Problems

    1. Natural Disasters
    2. Accidental Problems
    3. Malicious Threat
  3. Ethical Issues

    1. Responsible decision-making
    2. Confidentiality & Privacy
    3. Piracy
    4. Fraud & Misuse
    5. Liability
    6. Copyright
    7. Trade Secrets
    8. Sabotage
  4. Areas of Information Systems Security Study

    1. PC/Workstation Security
    2. Security Fundamentals
    3. Information Security Laws & Legislation
    4. System Security
    5. Communications Security
    6. Corporate Security Management