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Each of these presentations are available in a web presentation or an Adobe pdf file. If the files are downloaded from this server, please give appropriate credit when presenting to your audience.

Dissecting Distributed Malware networks A discussion of DDoS attacks, response strategies, network forensics, host forensics, tactics and tools for dealing with DDoS attacks. Dave Dittrich, University of Washington view pdf
Distributed Denial of Service Distributed DoS - Is there really a threat? Explains DoS, Examples of DoS attacks and countermeasures. Dave Dittrich, University of Washington, 2000 view site
E-Government Boot Camp Joint Presentation of Idaho State University and the University of Idaho to the E-Government Boot Camp. What the Legislature and government officials should know about Information Assurance. C. Schou, D. Frinke, J. Frost - September 2000 view pdf
EDACUM X Overview of Electronic Develop A Curriculum. NCISSE Course 610. Maconachy, Schou, Frost, April 2002 view pdf
Executive Briefing A program for Federal Government Executives. What should every executive know about information security. Focused on Federal Government; however, it may be generalized. Corey Schou, Jim Frost, W. Vic Maconachy - April 1999 view pdf
Functional Manager Training Guide A training program for Federal Government Functional Managers. Organizational Impact, Policy Pyramid, Levels of Data, etc. ISU NIATEC -Corey Schou, James Frost 1999 view pdf
Information Assurance Directorate An overview of the NSA, Introduction to IA from the NSA viewpoint, Malicious Logic terms, infection rates, and discussion. Dr. Vic Maconachy, 2001 view powerpoint
Introduction to Information Assurance An introductory presentation presented by NIETP to introduce IA and explain what is being done to protect infrastructures. NIETP, 1998 view pdf
Information Security A general introductory program for Federal government employees on the nature of IS, employee's roles in IS, brief description of threats and countermeasures that can be employed. FISSEA presentation view pdf
Introduction to Risk Management An introduction to Risk Managemt, presented by the NIETP. (National INFOSEC Education and Training Program) November 1998 view pdf
Introduction to Malicious Logic An introduction to Malicious Logic, sources, and suggested security measures. NSA’s National INFOSEC Education and Training Program NIETP), 1998 view pdf
Risk Management Terminology Lesson One of Risk Management Series - An overview of Risk Management and introduction to the terminology used in discussing Risk Management.   view pdf
Risk Management Issues Lesson Two of Risk Management Series - To allow students to discuss and understand the issues surrounding Risk Management by organizations.   view pdf
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Lesson Three of Risk Management Series - Introduction to techniques for assessing risks and mitigating likelihood of risk.   view pdf
Security Briefing A presentation by outlining the current level of threats, law vs. ethics, software piracy, etc. Dr. Corey Schou, 2002 view pdf
Report on the Internet in China A presentation by Professor Ma Yan of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications outlining the current status of the Internet in China. 2003 Professor Ma Yan view pdf