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Information Assurance Videos

Media and typeSourceSizeSummary
Computer Security 101 U.S Department of Justice 202.6 mb Discusses sensitive information, risk management, and accountability.
Dangerous Attachment Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 1.92mb Information pertaining to the opening of an e-mail with an attachment.
Donna's Paper Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.75 mb Allowing others to use business equipment for personal use.
Dr. D Stroye Author unknown 35.6 mb Common and not-so-common methods of destroying diskettes (magnetic media).
Ears Looking At You Author unknown 45.6 mb How cell phones can act as transmitters and cause confidentiality leaks.
Elaine's Diskette Protect Your AIS 15.2 mb Reusing classified media and giving it to unclassified personnel.
Finders Keepers Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.67 mb Discussion of copying software illegally from the office for home use.
First Day Back Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 4.09 mb Protecting your username and password while out of the office.
Have Software, Will Travel Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 1.84 mb Deals with software piracy and virus sharing.
In Today's World NSA Information Assurance Directorate 27 mb Defense-in-depth program, introduces availability, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation integrated into government.

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