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Information Assurance Videos

Media and typeSourceSizeSummary
Information Front Line NSA, FedCIRC, DISA 25.6 mb Threats to government systems and the methods used to gain access to these systems.
Inside Information Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.38 mb Printing classified documents and leaving them for all personnel to view.
Internet Games Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.04 mb Using business computers for downloading unauthorized software.
Junetag Man Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.80 mb Parody discussing the importance of making sure any media containing classified information is properly disposed of.
Just Say "No"! Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 3.03 mb Allowing others access to your username and password.
Just the Fax, Sir Author unknown 33.6 mb Discusses using secure fax transmissions, fax message interceptions, and misdialed numbers.
Keep It Where? Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 1.45 mb Satire of improper storage of media containing business related information.
Loni's E-mail Protect your AIS 3.52 mb How sending e-mails to incorrect personnel and breaching security protocols
Lucy's Helper Protect Your AIS 12.3 mb Parody of using other’s computer with them still logged on, giving unauthorized access to unofficial people
Magnificent Discretion Author unknown 40.2 mb When and where to compose classified materials, how to submit it, and mistakes that can be made that will allow classified materials to be compromised.

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