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Information Assurance Videos

Media and typeSourceSizeSummary
The Hotel Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.75 mb Ensuring the security guidelines are being followed for secure media outside the office.
The LAN Goes Down Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 1.43 mb Ensuring employees correctly backup information.
The Mess Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.84 mb Discusses the significance of maintaining a clean and secure work area.
The Right Combination Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 2.50 mb Sending classified information over an insecure system.
The Scarlet V Author unknown 60.9 mb Importance of installing and updating virus detection software is presented in this clip.
Think Before You Respond National Reconnaissance Office Security Awareness Program 23.9 mb Discusses e-mail and chat room properties you should consider before volunteering information to an outside source.
To Send Or Not To Send Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 3.20 mb Sending unclassified files to an unauthorized recipient.
Transylvania Transfer Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 4.17 mb Discussion about downloading information from the internet and loading it onto the classified server.
Virusbusters Protect Your AIS, The Sequel 5.54 mb Parody about downloading a virus, while downloading seemingly harmless data.
Warriors of the Net Ericsson Media Lab 149.8 mb Network packets and Internet technology.

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